The day I lost my freedom
is the day that doesn’t exist.

I never had freedom
or friends.

The day I gained my freedom
is the day that doesn’t exist.


For You

My brain needs to shut up.
It hears your name and screams.
On the outside, I laugh
knowing you downgraded.

She’s clingy, desperate,
and kind of obsessive.
If you like that,
glad you’re married at twenty-two.

Past the Midnight Mark

Staying up past midnight
was only a dream growing up.
My friends and I felt like delinquents
staying up past midnight.
We’d be on the couch
playing virtual games.

Now I’m lucky if I can sleep
before six in the morning.
I gave up playing virtual dog games
and now think how I wasted time.

The Lost Generation

Bible sales at the local store
have increased since a white girl twerked
on TV for everyone to see.
A nonexistent God will surely protect us
from our existent gay feelings.

A Womyn Studies major yells
at the same white girl who twerked
for appropriating black culture.
Segregation worked so well back in the fifties
when black people had their own bathrooms.

We cannot segregate culture
and we cannot outlaw gays.
Both halves need to make a whole
for America to truly progress,

The Sun Is Dead

The sun is dead, the sun is dead!…
Nothing here is new-
The sky has a grey hue
like the bags under my eyes.

The snow’s alive, the snow’s alive…
It will never go away-
Snow will lead you astray
into its calm, cold maze.

You think you can find your way out
of a town so small,
but at the end of the day
you don’t have a say;
                            The town does.

The Snow Outside

Has anyone ever wondered 
What’s beyond the falling snow? 
The barren branches hide 
What we’re not supposed to see-
Hidden figures of our enemies.

The snow falls too thick to see
What is beyond the barren trees.
Why must we be fenced in?
We’re stabbing each other in the back 
Just for some gossip fodder.

The great grey sky above 
Keeps us all from feeling
Anything but our own misery.
It’s so grey and desolate 
Because it sucks up what little life we have
to live 

Maybe the enemies aren’t others;
Instead they are ourselves and each other.