Fall Is Almost Here!

It’s finally fall. Well, almost. The first day of fall is September 22nd at 4:02 PM. Whatever.

I’m so glad that fall is almost here. Summer is the worst season, in my opinion. Mostly because I have to spend time with people that I dislike.

Summer is so terrible! Like, I don’t want to go to people’s parties and pretend to like them! I usually go because I’m forced to go. My family has a crap reputation they want to keep. They want people to think that we are a family who gets along. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Besides, if I go to someone’s party it’s going to because I want to go, not because I’m forced and obligated to.

For starters, I suck at pretending to be someone that I’m not. I’m loud and usually tell it like it is. I mean, I know when enough is enough. I know what to say and what not to say, but if someone asks me a question I’m pretty much going to give an honest answer.

If someone asks me what kind of music that I like I’m going to say alternative rock, not pop music. I get it. Liking rock music makes me weird, but I like it. If you get offended or disagree with my answer, don’t ask me a question. Why ask in the first place if you’re just going to get offended?

Well, I can’t wait for fall. I hate summer. I’ll be glad when the first day of fall comes.



I Hate The Summertime

Do you know why I hate summer? Well, you more than likely don’t know me, so I guess I’ll just have to come right out and say it. There is nothing to freaking do in the summer and it is way too hot!

It is 79 degrees right now! That’s about forty degrees to hot for me. My eyelids are practically sticking to my eyeballs, making it weird to blink. When I do blink, my eyes water with sweat. I swear I always get enough water. My room seems to get about thirty degrees hotter than the rest of the house, so it is even hotter right now.

The only definite plans I have for the summer are drinking Peace Tea and blogging. I tried Peace Tea for the first time yesterday and it is seriously the best thing ever. I swear I wasn’t paid to write that. My blog is too small for a company to reach out for a promo. Even if I did do promos, I’d want it to be stuff that I like and believe in.

I live near a city that has absolutely no music scene. The only concerts that seem to be around where I live are these really new douche bag male country artists or overproduced, manufactured country female artists.

If an artist that I like comes to town, I basically don’t have enough money to go anyway.

Why couldn’t I live somewhere such as South Carolina where there is actually stuff to do! Y’all have Myrtle Beach, the greatest place one Earth. I’d get used to the heat to live in South Carolina.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hello, yes, today is Mother’s Day. If you aren’t aware by now, good luck.

We are going to see that new movie Snatched after we eat breakfast. I’m not an Amy Schumer fan, but it does have Goldie Hawn in it. Don’t let me down, Goldie!

Look, I hate to admit it, but Amy looked funny enough in it. It looks like Goldie was doing most of the heavy lifting comedy wise in the trailer. I heard Amy is a joke thief, though. Whatever. That’s just two and a half minutes of an hour and a half movie.

Maybe for once Amy didn’t steal anyone’s joke. I’m not going to doubt her yet…

Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day.

Maybe I’ll do a little review of Snatched later?


I Can’t Sleep

I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a good night’s sleep. I’m going to say the last time I slept well was about eight to ten years ago.

It’s actually to the point that sleeping makes me anxious because I never know if I’m going to actually go to sleep or if someone is going to barge in and wake me up. My mattress pretty much falls off of my bed every time I sleep on it and I’ve had the same mattress since I was old enough to not sleep in a crib. The sheets I sleep on never seem to stay tucked in my bed where they should be, so I sleep on clumpy sheets usually.

For the most part, I can’t sleep for other reasons.

1) I can’t help but to think about those Chick Tracts that I used to get as a kid on Halloween from some lady older than dinosaurs on Trick or Treat. I think she had her house decorated with Christmas decorations. She would hand out a lollipop with them to spread the message of homophobic Jesus and God. There are a lot of people I know how have the same (or at least similar) opinions and beliefs as the Chick Tracts.

2) Douche bag Youtubers are able to publish books and make millions of dollars. Meanwhile, I’m lucky if I can get one person to read my poems on my blog.

3) How do I get people to read my blog? I can’t really resort to paying for ads online since I’m cheap and don’t have the money.

4) I want to earn at least some money from blogging if I can so that I can have enough money to go to concerts or buy more comic books from the flee market. There’s this one lady who sells Pagan stuff such as ouija boards. The ouija boards aren’t the crappy ones you buy at the toy store. I think her or someone she knows makes them and she sells them for, like, forty to fifty bucks.

5) Where do I hide the ouija board if I do manage to somehow buy one? They’re not small enough to fit in my underwear drawer. My dad doesn’t want me playing with an ouija board. Apparently, my dad had a bad experience with an ouija board growing up and won’t talk about it. I’ve tired asking my mom and all she’d do is change the subject. I guess his experience was pretty bad.

6) ALL OF THE CONCERTS ARE IN THE CITY. If I do go to a concert, I have to have enough gas to go up in the city. I don’t know how I’d get home considering I never drove up to the city by myself. No one would want to go with me, so I’m getting there and back by myself.

Those are just some of the things that keep me up at night. Trust me. There’s a lot more. Oh, and number one has nothing to do with the President surprisingly. I don’t want to talk about the President because I’ve had enough of politics, Hilary, and Trump. That, however, is a different blog for a different day (If I decide to write it. Probably not, though, for the time being).

High School Gossip Doesn’t Matter

The other day I downloaded the free sample of Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (AKA Zoella) because I wasn’t going to pay full price for that book. I read the book last year because I wanted to see what the hype was all about. I downloaded the free sample just to refresh my brain a little on what the plot was about.

Girl Online is about a girl named Penny who travels from England to New York for vacation. Her parents are wedding planners or something and they are planning a wedding over there. Penny meets a boy, falls head over heels, and discovers a “secret” about him.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Penny is “awkward af.” Part of it is written in blog form so that you can read what she put on her blog. Penny writes how it’s so hard to be a teen. Like, you always have to take pics for insta at the right angle!!!!! TOTALLY RELATABLE AND NOT OVERDONE, RIGHT?

Okay, I’m not saying that being a teen isn’t hard. I remember having to take the SATs and had family problems that I don’t want to get into right now. My last problem as a teen was “getting the right freaking angle!!!!!” Unless it was for geometry or physics because the whole course kind of relies on angles. Them again, I’m also a couple of years older than Penny.

If I’m correct, she should have been born in ’98 or ’99. I was born in’95. Yeah, I’m only older by three or four years, but it’s still a big difference because social media was just becoming a thing when I was in high school. Every didn’t have an iPhone. I didn’t even get an iPhone until I was almost out of high school. There are probably people who graduated without an iPhone or smartphone. Yeah, different times.

I guess you grow up too and realize that stupid crap doesn’t matter after high school such as who wore what. The people who do care about that kind of stuff after high school are pretty much going nowhere and are never going to amount to much after high school. Maybe some will, but most won’t since they will never realize that the world isn’t high school anymore.

Whatever stupid problems that you think that you have in high school is not going to be relevant for these reasons:

1) The real world isn’t high school and comes with things such as jobs or bills
2) If you do care about dumb issues in high school, you may be trying to divert from any actual problems like SATs and College Apps. DON’T DIVERT! College Apps don’t care about some mean girl from high school who’s going to be pregnant with her second illegitimate child by the legal U.S. drinking age
3) People slowly stop caring about petty things- well some do such as myself. I think we’re a pretty awesome bunch.

Look, high school drama doesn’t matter. Just be yourself and don’t give a flying eff about some mean girl in high school.

Holy Snap. People Read My Blog

“Holy Snap” is kind of cheesy to say, I know, but I don’t really know what the rules on swearing are on WordPress. That’s why I said “Holy Snap” instead of–well, you know.

I’m not a prude when it comes to swearing. I mean, I listen to Shane Dawson’s podcast and he says the “F word” quite a few times. I just don’t want my blog taken down or penalized or something just because I said a swear word someone got offended by. (It’s 2017, so someone is bound to get offended by something.)

Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. The point is that I can’t believe people read my blog! My last poem called “Love Is” got a total of five likes and a comment! I think that’s the best a post has done on my blog so far.

I mean, I’ve gotten likes before, but never a comment.

It seems weird to be so happy for getting only five likes, but I really want to try at this blog. I’ve even made flyers on the computer and stick them random places when no one is looking.

I don’t know how y’all found my blog, but THANK YOU! LIKE, SERIOUSLY. Thank you!

New Hair Color

Yay! I’m getting a new hair color! It was just applied to my hair and now I’m letting it sit on my hair. Hopefully, it’ll turn out well. It’s supposed to be pastel so it could go either good or bad. 

All I want is to have weird hair. Yeah, I’m that person. Don’t worry. I’m not some annoying SJW; I’m not even a regular SJW. 

I just want to dye my hair weird colors and see the shock on people’s faces. Plus, I hate my natural hair color. 

I can’t wait for it to wash out and freak people out.